Areas of Practice


Corporate transactions & commercial litigation.

The attorneys at Weisberg & Miller have decades of experience representing a broad range of business clients. Our goal is to identify and contain potential problems quickly and with minimum expense. In situations where legal actions is either pending or inevitable, our firm has frequently been praised for its creative techniques in resolving serious and potentially costly disputes in a cost-effective and expeditious manner.

Weisberg & Miller offer a wide range of business related services including:

  • Assistance in business formation, reorganization, and dissolution
  • Organization and preparation of Business agreements, including contracts with employees, independent contractors, clients
  • Representation of businesses in disputes involving wrongful termination, contract disputes, personal injury, unfair competition, interference with business relations, products liability and premises liability issues

Weisberg & Miller creatively tailors its handling of its clients’ legal needs utilizing litigation, mediation, arbitration, and a host of other alternative dispute resolution techniques. Our goal is avoidance of legal problems or resolution of legal problems in the most cost efficient and beneficial manner available.



Wisely plan and administer your estates.

Weisberg & Miller’s Family Law Practice serves the needs of our clients in all areas of marital dissolution and post-judgment matters, including property division, support, custody, pre and post-nuptial agreements and appellate matters.

Weisberg & Miller’s Family Law clients benefit from the firm’s breadth of expertise in the areas of corporate transactions, complex civil litigation, real estate and business law. Weisberg & Miller is particularly qualified to resolve dissolution matters involving family and closely held businesses and complex equity ownership situations in public or private companies.

While Weisberg & Miller’s focus is on resolving Family Law matters quickly and efficiently, often through alternative dispute resolution procedures including mediation and collaborative law proceedings, we are also skilled in complex litigation and are always prepared to aggressively represent our clients in trial.


Three decades of experience in real estate law.

We specialize in issues regarding failure to disclose & construction defect litigations.

We have decades of experience in assisting clients in the area of Real Estate Law. We offer a variety of services in this area, from personal home ownership and purchase, commercial purchase, and maintenance of property.

Home purchase and ownership present a multitude of issues with which Weisberg & Miller are experienced in addressing. Our attorneys realize how important these issues are to our clients. Among the most valuable of our services is the ability to anticipate the long term consequences associated with many of the decisions which confront homeowners and purchasers of real estate, including purchase contracts, tenancy-in-common agreements, condominium conversions, financing problems, contractor problems, and handling and prevention of foreclosures on real property.

Ownership of investment property present many serious and often complex issues. These issues include insurance procurement and coverage, premises liability and matters involving tenant relations and the numerous duties arising from this relationship. Tenants’ Rights legislation in the San Francisco Bay Area is strict and provides for sever penalties even upon mere technical violations. Weisberg & Miller’s experience in dealing with these issues allows us to assist you in avoiding what might ordinarily result in costly litigation and court judgments.



Direct and expeditious resolutions.

We are experts in all aspects of Personal Injury law. We have defended and prosecuted a wide range of personal injury law suites in a multitude of different venues and forums, including jury trials, bench trials, arbitration and mediation.

We are experienced in evaluating the merits of a variety of personal injury claims. Developing efficient and effective discovery plans, which ultimately lead to direct and expeditions resolutions of these claims, are done quickly and accurately. In short, Weisberg & Miller’s approach to personal injury claims substantially reduces defense costs, while increasing the possibility of defense verdicts for our clients who have been sued.

The attorneys at Weisberg & Miller are well versed in liability insurance policies. We quickly render accurate coverage determinations which greatly assist insurers in avoiding first-party “bad faith” claims.

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