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We met in 1992 while at large law firms where we were honing our skills after college.

Working in a large firm taught us valuable skills, but we really wanted to set out on our own. We wanted to start a smaller, more personal law firm where we could serve our clients better and be considerably more agile.

It’s a little known fact that dive bars and Dead shows are a great place to discuss life goals, and then actually act upon them, but it worked for us. We decided to set out on our own in 1993.

Weisberg & Miller quickly became a high-level civil litigation firm. From the start we decided that every case would be in either one of our hands and we’ve held fast to that principal. We do not assign cases to subordinates. This makes us incredibly committed and responsive to our clients.

It’s very personal to us. No case is too small or too large.

We are located at 665 Chestnut Street in San Francisco, a new location as of 2017.

Contract, real estate, estate planning, injury, and business law are our specialties and we take clients from all over the state.

Bill Weisberg & Craig Miller


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